Combat in RPG’s with VB Wyrde

In this episode of the Two Simple Psychs podcast, I am joined by the creator or Elthos and the Mythos Machine, VB Wyrde. We talk about the origin of Elthos RPG, how to build worlds with the Mythos Machine, custom skills, Proto-worlds, passion for cooking, the two camps of RPG’s, define OSR, and how to let mechanics support the genre of your RPG.

In the second half, in the Psychology of Gaming section, VB and I discuss the article ‘Come to think of it, fuck combat’ by Cannibal Smiley on We discuss the good GM fallacy, mode switching, the infancy and future of RPG’s, fairness in arbitration, and meaningful risk.

We finish this episode up with Fireball community questions, Manifest it spells, and VB and I close out on what psychology can do for gamers.

For anyone who wants to see the raw, unedited video, check it out here:


The main site: – Elthos RPG tools for gamemasters & players. rpg tools to create your world

What the Elthos Project is about:


My Patreon for the Project:

Elthos RPG tools for gamemasters & players. rpg tools to create your world

Elthos RPG tools for gamemasters & players. rpg tools to create your world

Show minutes

00:00 Intro

02:15 Elthos and the One Die System

04:00 TSR is going to sell more rulebook

04:30 Elevator pitch for Elthos RPG/Mythos

07:00 Elthos for new players vs Veterans

08:45 How to build a Mythos world

11:30 Barriers to entry

18:00 Skills?

21:30 Proto worlds

24:00 Passion for cooking?!

30:00 Teach me what my options are

31:00 Dreams as a way to safely explore

31:50 Flux status of bloat/free range

32:30 RPG as two camps

36:00 What is OSR?

39:30 Your way of playing is not ‘fun’ / OSR counter-revolutionaries

42:30 Your game mechanics should support your genre

48:00 F$%^ Combat

55:00 Good GM fallcy

100:00 Switching from GM combat mode vs GM storyteller mode

102:00 Why don’t we question D&D more? ‘We are in the infancy of role playing games. I think we will be in the infancy of role playing games for the next 50 to 100 years…’

106:00 Language of ruffled feathers

107:00 Without rules, PC’s can’t be killed. “Excitement comes from meaningful risks…’

108:00 Tactical war games makes gameplay fair, ‘YOU killed my character!’

111:00 Closing thoughts on combat, Fireball questions

116:00 Manifest it

117:30 VB flips the interview

121:00 ‘The players, through the course of their decision making, are really reflecting a great deal about their inner psychological landscape.’

122:00 Hawke Robinson and therapeutic RPG’s/RPG bus

123:00 Professional Game Masters Society, Tarot astrology

Musical tracks are provided via:
Riot-Bomber (Sting)
MK2-Far Away (Sting)

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