Collective Unconscious with Jeremy Strandberg

In this episode of 2SP, Jeremy Strandberg joins me for an extra long session. We started rolling on topics and didn’t stop for more than two hours. Even after editing a lot of content out, this episode is full of Jeremy Strandberg’s valuable insights. We discuss what makes Stonetop unique, Stonetop’s Major/Minor Arcana, game design, Jeremy’s creative process, the Strandberg guide to custom moves, and the problem with Monks.  Here are the show minutes:

4:30 Shared imaged space and theory of mind

6:00 Videogames and toilet research

8:00 Why Dungeon World?

13:00 What is Stonetop?

19:00 How is Stonetop different?

21:30 Inspiration for Stonetop

28:00 Major Arcana vs Minor Arcana

40:00 What is a ‘heart-breaker’ game?

47:00 The War

52:00 Starving to death


57:00 Collective Unconscious

114:00 How to use Collective Unconscious in a meaningful way

118:00 Ray Otus’ Plundergrounds

123:00 Community questions

127:00 Jeremy’s creative process

130:00 Worst impulse when writing custom moves

141:00 What’s wrong with Monks

145:30 Manifest It

148:00 Plugs

Drowning & Falling:

Heartbreaker World:

The War:

Jeremy Strandberg on G+

Stonetop playest

Musical tracks are provided via:
Riot-Bomber (Sting)
MK2-Far Away (Sting)


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