Magic in Role Playing Games with Jason Lutes

In this episode, I am joined by Jason Lutes from Lampblack and Brimstone. We discuss his comics, working with Ed Brubaker, Seattle in 90’s, Jeremy Strandberg’s Stonetop, Freebooters / Freebooter’s 2E, and negative space in artwork.
In the latter segment, the Psychology of Gaming, we discuss Magic in role playing games, JG Fraiser’s three stages of Magic, ‘Good’ magic vs ‘Bad’ magic, and Jack Vance.

Musical tracks are provided via:
Riot-Bomber (Sting)
MK2-Far Away (Sting)
Jason’s interests
Poutine: 15:00
Current projects 17
-Freebooters 2nd

-Using DM skills in writing Berlin 22:00
-Throwback Thursday 27:00
-Artstyle and negative space 28:00
-‘Those spaces between things….those are where things come alive’
-Is more less in narratives? 33:00
-Ed Brubaker in Seattle 34:00

38:30 why Dungeon World?
Servants of the Cinderqueen 44:00

45:00 Lampblack and Brimstone
48:00 What did you want to accomplish with Freebooters?
54:30 2nd edition Freebooters and Funnel World integration

55:00 The Psychology of Gaming: Magic in RPG’s
58:00 JG Fraiser, three stages of magic

100:00 ‘Good’ magic vs ‘bad’ magic
66:00 Jack vance
70:00 spell manipulation

77:00 Fireball questions
86:30 manifest it

90:00 promos

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