Playing Evil with David LaFreniere

David LaFreniere of the Discern Realities Podcast joins me to talk about what is enjoyable about role playing games, the origin of the DR podcast, why Dungeon World is a great game, Ramshackle Crow, and the best ways to start a session.

In the second section, David and I discuss data about evil thoughts, video game data regarding multiple good/evil play-through’s, and a classic psychological study of the 1960’s Milgrim Obedience experiment.


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Discern Realities Podcast

Data: David M. Buss (Professor of Psychology and Author at U of T, 2011): of 5,000 participants, 91% of men, 84% of women report fantasizing about killing people they don’t like.
Data: Statistics presented by Microsoft  Amanda Lange at the Game Developers Conference 2015 showed that, in narrative games where “good” and “evil” were clearly defined as story paths, only 5 percent of players opted for “evil” on a first play-through. The number jumped to around 50 percent on a second run.
Data: Milgram Obedience experiment (July 1961, Yale): Participants A were lead to believe that they were shocking Participant B by pushing a button. Data shows that ~65% of participants administered the final 450 volt shock, killing Participant B. Psychiatrists predicted less than 2% would complete the experiment.

Musical tracks are provided via:
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